Dedicated Technician

Dedicated Technicians - by MSP Atlas

Technical support staff

With diverse knowledge and skillset, we provide one of the best technical support staff with an advanced understanding of PSA/RMM tools, Server Administration, and Office 365/Azure AD administration.

Soft skills training for all the technicians

Our technicians are consistently trained on soft skills, to ensure your customers are given the best support possible.

Build your remote team

Expand your current team or build a new team from scratch with us! You get complete support for hiring your dream team with our talent resources.

Why MSP Atlas?

Hire a Tech at or Build a Team of Dedicated Techs

We provide you with certified engineers for all three tiers.

Tier 1

Get certified and highly trained technicians to help you create a smooth basic help desk and service desk delivery system.

Tier 2

Get technical generalists with complete training and certification; with ability to perform diverse high-demand tasks along with monitoring dashboards and providing solutions for hot issues. This also includes updating PSA with tickets or addressing issues with non-NOC tools.

Tier 3

Get the best technical specialists with anything covered in Tier 2 plus advanced skillset including complex troubleshooting, building the solution, mentoring the tech resources, finding the problems for undetected issues, root cause analysis, and managing the environment resources. Build the best tech team with a multi-level approach quickly with us!
Dedicated Technician

Benefits of hiring through us

Why hire through us?

  • Save Time : A pre-screened candidate that has gone through atleast three rounds of our interview already
  • Horizontal Support : A Dedicated HR Manager assigned to you to advise and help with ongoing management even things like appraisals, determining recognition, spot bonus and so on
  • Continuous Training : Dedicated Training Manager that helps with training tech as well as soft skills
  • Secure Environment  : Engineers work in a dedicated office space following NIST 800-171 standard cyber security principles
  • Economical : Over 30% cheaper than other big name players in the market
Dedicated Technician

MSP Atlas a remote team solution - Hire your own Dedicated Technician through us.

We give you one of the best technical support teams with a wide range of expertise and abilities. Each of our technicians are trained to build strong soft skillset; that enables them to provide efficient customer support/service.

Experience one of the best remote team solutions with MSP Atlas for your MSP. With our tailored service approach, we help you build a remote team with zero overheads for hiring, training, maintain a remote physical office location.