About Us

About Us

MSP Atlas, a remote team solution for MSPs!

In 2011, we began operating as an MSP (Managed Service Provider) in the Virginia, USA region, with a sizable portion of our workforce based overseas. In the last decade, we have managed and meticulously reinvented all end-to-end operations with remote offshore team, perfecting the entire value chain of the MSP business. This has allowed us to expand swiftly and, more significantly, weather many economic epochs without breaking the bank. We established MSP Atlas in the year 2020 to assist other MSPs in gaining the advantages of remote offshore staff, trained on a robust MSP focused training program that has been refined for over a decade.

You can now outsource or assemble your remote team for any business vertical namely tech operations, dispatch, sales, accounting or hiring.


Key challenges that we have solved!

For hiring specialized msp tech, the MSP market contains well-known providers. These large, prominent vendors frequently provide delayed service, offer limited customization of their offerings, are pricey, are centered on their own product suites. These well known offshore team solutions are just concentrated on the technical side of the value chain (i.e. Dedicated Technicians, Project Managers, etc.) while we at MSP Atlas concentrate on the complete Value Chain so you can hire a dedicated staff for your tech operations, accounting, sales, dispatch or hiring, etc.

With MSP Atlas you will also have a professional HR person to handle your concierge demands regarding your talent/team. You can work wonders by putting a face and a voice in front of your group. MSP Atlas makes all of this easy by allowing you to cherry-pick your team then have a dedicated training manager to train your offshore talent on any technical skills or communications etc.
About Us

Remote Team Solution through MSP Atlas

With our remote team solutions for your MSP, you can build a remote team to tap into a highly efficient & cost effective operations. We cover all the boxes, by offering you dedicated remote team solution for managing your tech operations, helpdesk, sales, accounting or hiring. You can now outsource any vertical operations of your MSP.

If you are looking to optimize cost for any of your MSP Value chains look no further than MSP Atlas your ultimate companion.