Dedicated Sys Ops Tech

Dedicated Sys-Ops Technicians - by MSP Atlas

Technical Expertise

Get a certified expert on Cloud Platforms namely AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud; In addition to Expert knowledge on Windows/Linux Server Administration, Cloud Deployment, Workload Management, Hybrid Setup, etc.

Experienced Staff

All our technicians have 5+ years of experience in cloud technologies with advanced training in cloud deployment functions for MSPs.

Soft skill training

Our dedicated technicians are also trained in their soft skills so they can very well manage the customer conversation & technical delivery of the solution.

AWS/Azure - Dedicated Expert Tech

New cloud deployment

Get cloud deployment for your current clientele and new deployments simultaneously to reduce the workload. Our technicians are deployment and cloud workload management experts because of their advanced training in cloud & MSP-focused services.

Support existing deployment

Get the best support for your existing workload with our dedicated team.

Cloud automation

Leverage AWS lambda or Azure functions to automate your deployments, servicing, etc.
Dedicated Sys Ops Tech

Benefits of hiring through us

Why hire through us?

Eliminate the complete HR overhead for finding skilled Sys-Ops technicians for your next project with us!
We will help you in a smooth transition of the new hires with our complete assistance. Our team also takes care of the training support with an advanced toolkit so that you get a completely hassle-free remote team hiring solution.
You get dedicated Sys-Ops tech with negligible ramp-up.
Dedicated Sys Ops Tech

MSP Atlas - We can help you hire your own Dedicated Sys-Ops Technician

You can easily hire an effective and efficient Sys-Ops technician through us. The Sys-Ops engineer will have will have experience & firm grasp on all cloud domain skills.

Along with the technical expertise, the Staff also has strong soft skill training, ensuring complete assurance towards quality assurance. We help businesses efficiently manage their businesss while reducing their operations cost.