Dedicated Operational Staff:

Hire the Best Dedicated Operations Staff through MSP Atlas

All well-known MSP offshore team solutions are just concentrated on the technical side of the value chain (i.e. Dedicated Technicians, Project Managers, etc.) while we at MSP Atlas concentrate on the complete Value Chain so you can hire a dedicated staff for your tech operations, accounting, sales, dispatch or HR through us.
By engaging a dedicated HR professional to handle your concierge requests regarding your team and talent, You can work wonders by putting a face and a voice in front of your remote team. MSP Atlas makes all of this easy by allowing you to cherry-pick your operational team & streamline your operations without hurting your bottom-line.

Dedicated Dispatch or IT Service Manager (ITSM)

Hire a professional and dedicated Dispatch and IT Service Manager to handle all your service desk's difficulties:

A Dedicated Dispatch or IT Service Manager (ITSM) will :

- Be skilled in triaging, ticket or location appointment, extracting inventory, doing root cause analysis and much more.
- Stay on top of all team activities & will generating high client satisfaction ratio.
- Will possess extensive knowledge of Professional Services Automation tools and Remote and Monitoring Management software.
- Ensure coordination and communication between tech engineers, customers, and the organisation regarding all issues, updates, ETAs on a timely basis.
- Have the necessary skills to support the IT team as well as logistics and customer requests.
Dedicated Operational Staff:

Sales Administrator or Account Manager

Hire a Professional Sales Administrator or Account Manager to develop long-term customer relationships and achieve sales targets.

A Dedicated Account Manager will:

- Handle all sales/procurement related tasks in a timely manner

- Will be expert on MSP focused Professional Services Automation tools and related tools for efficient management.

- Act as the main point-of-contact and handle all customer queries in terms of service escalations or procurement needs.

- Set and meet company sales targets with timely monitoring of all sales metrics and improving sales performance.

- Can help generate higher business returns by cross selling services to existing customer network.

Billing or Accounting Manager

Hire a dedicated Billing and Accounting Manager for an efficient accounting management :

A Dedicated Billing and Accounting Manager will :

- Help efficiently prepare and oversee the statement and bill creation.
- Will be proficient in numerous billing and accounting software for efficient management.
- Will be expert on MSP focused Professional Services Automation tools and related tools for efficient management
-With be proficient with MSP tools (RMM, Antivirus Server, Microsoft CSP platform etc.) to generate reports or reconciliations for billing
- Help in accurate billing and invoicing along with maintaining client records, while removing any inconsistencies.
accounts. - Help in the resolution of customer issues and remove inconsistencies in books of
- Generate sales invoices, Manage accounts receivable/payable, Complete monthly accounting and bank/credit card reconciliations.
Dedicated Operational Staff:

HR Manager

Hire a Dedicated HR Manager to Build a Responsive and Dedicated Team:

- An HR manager will help in efficient recruitment, hiring, training new and old members of all departments.
- An HR manager will collaborate and cooperate with the company to oversee the department's workflows and provide assistance when required.
- Will help in the streamlining the hiring process and managing the talent pool, overseeing all terminations, investigations, retention as per compliance laws.
- Can help shortlist and train individuals to become dedicated team members and contribute to the organization positively while creating opportunities for personal development of employees.
- Will act as the main point of contact between employees and the company. Contact us now for more information!

Why hire a dedicated operational staff through us?

- With no recruiting costs or overhead costs, get a dedicated HR manager and begin your remote team building journey.
- No ramp-ups and training costs, have a dedicated team and staff along with personalized training as per your requirements.
- Cherry pick best people to build your own service team
- Get a highly secured facility for your staff to work in, equipped with all necessary technology and facilities.
Dedicated Operational Staff:

Streamline your operations by hiring Dedicated Operational Staff through MSP Atlas

MSP Atlas is a dedicated service provider with over a decade of experience. Our aim is to make businesses realize the potential of technology and not as a hindrance to achieving success. Utilizing technology the right way can lead to uncountable gains and expand business profitability.

Our diverse and dedicated team can help your business have a competitive advantage and allows you to concentrate on what you do best.